Medical tourism refers to an act of travelling, or going on an itinerant journey to another city or country, in order to seek medical attention and services that is not available in the present home or country. The demand of Medical tourism is expected to grow in British Columbia, because residents are beginning to embrace the benefits of medical tourism.
Over the past few years, the cost of out-of-country services has increased significantly and as such government and provinces have begun to examine the implications and the disadvantages. Governments in British Columbia have sought out options to improve access to medical are for their residents. Visiting British Columbia for medical reasons might be due to cost implications that are experienced in other countries, hence making the city an attractive medial tourism destination for tourists and those seeking medical help.
There are facts that prove that British Columbia is a place that offers maximum and easily affordable standard of care. For instance, there are more qualified medical personnel per population in British Columbia as compared to other countries. Reports show that there are 9.9 medical doctors or nurses for every 1000 people in the city. Hence, there are hands on ground to provide medical attention to people in need of it.
Also, the average in-hospital treatment received by patients are nearly twice as much in contrast with other places. As such, British Columbia offers medical tourists, the most cost efficient medical services.
In addition to this, little aspect of the finance is proportioned to administrative costs and more on the actual medical services provided, as compared to other areas and cities where more of the medical bills are spent on administration like paying salaries and running the hospital or medical center.
Similarly, the mortality rate in British Columbia is on the high. Records show that the tendency to survive an ailment or disease is more, and this is a distinctive feat that has been achieved by the city over the years. The survival rate for a disease condition is at a high rate as compared to other cities.
Equally, British Columbia records a large number of successful bone marrow transplants and surgical operations. There are particularly some disease conditions that there have been solutions to which includes kidney transplant, liver transplants, childhood leukemia etc.
Finally, in addition to the cost effective medical care, medical tourism to British Columbia is an opportunity to explore other places to relax and enjoy the lovely ambience

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