British Columbia is not just lovely and attractive, it possesses natural wonders that are captivating, and causes a sense of visual delight on sighting them. There are a lot of magnificent and fascinating edifices that can catch a visitor’s attention on a glimpse of them.
Firstly, the Cathedral Grove which is home to a distinct forest with trees and vegetation that has stood for a long number of years; approximately 800 years. One of the trees known as Douglas Firs, measures about 8 to 9 meters in circumference, and tourists or visitors can just journey on an easy trail around the tree. It is located about 25 kilometers westward of Qualicum beach.
Similarly, there is an extinct volcano called the Black tusk which is one of the most discrete features of Garibaldi Provincial Park. From stories passed down, it is said to have been a mountain where a mythical thunderbird hung on it, and was made black by the lightening that exhumed from the thunderbird. It is a sight to behold.
Also, Burgess Shale which is a fossil field in Yoho National Park, is a place where researchers and scientists has found an element called trilobites. This element has existed for several years, 505 million years to be exact. The only possible way to have a glimpse of the area is on a monitored hike with an experience personnel.
Likewise, Della falls which is a towering and gigantic water fall, is found to be the tallest in the whole of Canada. It has a height of around 440m, and can only be accessed by a 16 kilometer hike. It is most fascinating during early summer and the ending of the spring.
In addition to this, Haida Gwaii which stands as British Columbia’s pride owns a unique set of plants and animals, such that some of them cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Some animals that exists there are humpback whales, dolphins, puffins etc. Some plants that exists there are the ermine and the pine marten.
Furthermore, there are glaciers which are glass ice fields that fed water to several hydroelectric dams that generates electricity that feeds residents electricity and power supply. These glaciers are magnificent and extremely spectacular. The largest of all glaciers is the Klinaklini glacier which measures up 470 square kilometer.
In addition, Eve Cone is a volcano which is black in color, and it is predicted to have been formed about 1200 years ago. It is symmetrical in nature and distinct from a flattened plateau.

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